Desing the life you love
Design the Life you Love, Ayse Birsel

What a lovely book, or better said workbook!

This book is not just aesthetically pleasing it’s practical, useful and insightful and I love that!  If you get a chance, get it! Do some or all of the exercises. They’re great and simple.  I have already started and its a-m-a-z-i-n-gg.

Plus I got to see and meet Ayse herself in NYC at an event and she is pure empathy and love!  (see our pic!)

Can’t wait to buy the book?  Order in Amazon using this link: Design the life you love



Big Magic

  Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

This book came to me at the right time and I absolutely loved it. I read  through it as if there was no tomorrow.  If you’re someone who has a dream,  and idea or is thinking about starting something new, this book is a must! It’ll get you fired up and inspired.

One of my favorite things was Elizabeth Gilbert’s vision of how ideas float around us and chose us, in the hopes that through us they can see  the light. Simply beautiful!

Get the book at your closest bookstore or at the airport as I did. Or get from  Amazon clicking here: Big Magic



Art before breakfastArt before breakfast, Danny Gregory

I mean this guy is so great! His invitation to do art everyday as a way to become more creative and lead happier lives is so spot on! We live in a fast paced, sometimes chaotic day to day. Finding time to be present, to draw, to paint or to engage in any form of artistic expression is life changing. Take my word for it!

Plus he offers super affordable and amazing online courses. Check them out at Sketchbook Skool


Crossroads between should and must

The crossroads of should and must, Elle Luna

I mean, if you haven’t heard about this book yet, I will be super surprised! This is one of those books that went viral in no time and for a good reason. It is a visually beautiful book that walks you through a journey that we all face at some point, or many times in our lives. When I got my hands on it I got a neck pain from all the nodding as I was reading!

Check it out, I think you’ll like it and chances are you’ll finish it with a sweet flavor of inspiration.


Mama Bean and twins Black tank tops: Mama & Bean + Twins

How can I not share this picture as one of the things I love? It’s one of my ultimate favorites! Just look at tiny bean in her tiny little black tank top, you can barely see her!

This is a picture was taken in Mexico with my twin sisters.