Having it all, redefining the pursuit.

Pursuit t0 have it all


Like many women out there, I want to have it all.

Almost by inertia I happily jumped in the having it all bandwagon of wanting to lean-in, be a successful professional and great mother, a good wife and the constant pursuit of basically excelling at everything I do. After some time,  having it all  began to feel like a hefty goal that would leave me exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of each day.  It left me with little holes in my heart and then it wasn’t do dandy in there anymore.

Is that really what I want? Why do I want to have it all anyway? I thought to myself.  And soon these two questions led to more questions and reflection until I landed  on this:

I wasn’t clear on the backbone of why I wanted to have it all. I was doing the doing checking the list and keeping up. All external facing. So I decided to take a look inside and redefine what that meant for me.  And here it is:

Having it all means living a life that is in line with my higher purpose and values. A life that includes adventure, exploration, happiness, fulfillment, love and connection. And I want to use this filter to design a life that has it all.

So sure, I still want to have a great career, but now I want to shift from being recognized to being fulfilled. I don’t want to be a perfect mother and lest have a perfect child  but rather create a world of adventure and love that we can enjoy together. I want to continue to explore the world with my husband and do things that bring us together and keep us connected.  Overall I want to go to bed knowing that, while not everyday will be strawberries and champagne and there will be some blues days and challenges, I’m living my life as I truly want it.

My intention is to share my journey in the hopes of inspiring other women to re-define what having it all means to them, to create connection and a supportive community so we all get to live a happier fulfilled life.

  • What is your definition of having it all?
  • What is the really really of what you want in life?
  • What would your life look like if it was in line with your deepest desires and values?

Want to join?

with love,

Claudia  (Mama)

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