Hello there! Nice to meet you.


My name is Claudia and as you can tell I’m the mama in Mama & Bean.

I’m a born and bred Mexican turned Brooklynite, taking on the best of both worlds and creating a hodgepodge of Mexican culture and American/Brooklynite ways.

An advertising professional, now Visual Facilitator and Coach at On the Right Mind & Revamp it with Claudia on a mission to help awesome folks think clearly, work better and live happy!

One of my biggest passions is traveling. I love traveling not only for all the reasons you can think of, but also because it brings the best out of me. It’s when I travel that I allow myself to go with the flow, to be surprised, to be present. I am kind to the world, others and myself. I feel connected, joyful and best of all, amused about life.

Why is this relevant, you ask? Well, let me tell you…

During my coaching training program I realized that I had two ways of being: the “travel mode” and the “real-life mode“, and what I learned is that I created my life to be that way. I was just picking and choosing how to be depending on the circumstances. AHA! moment.

So, if it was a matter of choosing, then why not chose the “travel mode” way of being regardless of the circumstance? I want that. I want my “travel mode” ALL THE TIME! and that is what I’m off to create.

Now, in full disclosure, I’ll tell you, even though as a coach I know that life is a simple as making a choice, the truth is that we love to add drama to our lives and we make choosing “a big deal” and “oh! so difficult”. So this choosing thing is  an ongoing practice.

To get my “travel mode” going 100%. I’ll have to break some good old mould and beliefs about myself and how I view the world. And that is the theme of this whole journey. It will get uncomfortable at times, but you know what? It’s worth it!

I hope you join me in this journey and jump along to discover and bring the “mode” of being that makes you the happiest in all areas of your life.  


Mah mah bah bah gah gah

This is Bean, she doesn’t yet speak so she can’t tell you about herself. But from Mama’s perspective, she is a precious, loving and smiley Bean.

And she doesn’t yet know, but I’ve gotten her a ticket to join me in this journey. I expect she’ll be teaching me many lessons on the simple things in life that matter and make us laugh.

My hope is that as she grows older, she too, creates a life she wakes up excited to live.




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