I want to live an authentic, fulfilled and meaningful life!

…and I know you do too.

Mama & Bean’s purpose is to inspire you (and me!) to constantly create that life. To feel understood, supported, inspired, adventurous, creative, connected, cool with who we are, so we can shine and leave our mark. Gift to little beans057

Our Values

Authenticity: Knowing who we are and being true to ourselves.


Curiosity: As a way to grow, have fun and create new things.


Connection: to our inner voice and to others.


Beauty: Finding it and appreciating it in the little things of everyday life.


Adventure and Wonderlust: Is there anything better than that as a way to live?


Integrity: Walking the talk and living in line with our values.


Love & Kindness: To ourselves and to others. And as the First-Aid to any setbacks in our journey.